Topo Chico

Inspired by Legend

Brand Positioning, Visual Identity, Packaging Design

Sourced from a spring that bubbles out of an inactive volcano in northeastern Mexico, this storied sparkling water enjoys a rich past and a loyal following. When Topo Chico sought to reposition its 120-year-old brand for a contemporary market, we took an archaeological approach, helping them dig deep to unearth the brand’s history and reveal its most timeless essence.

Since the relaunch, Topo Chico has steadily built engagement and rapport among young adults in test markets in both Mexico and the US. The brand’s freshly restored retro-cool makes it a natural sponsor of cultural events, musical performances and fashionable parties. Most importantly, both lifelong consumers and new fans are embracing the change as a natural rebirth of an iconic, longstanding brand and Topo Chico has reached a new select status as “Mexico’s best kept secret.”

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