Krispy Kreme

Glazed and Enthused

Brand Positioning, Visual Identity, Packaging Design, Store Concept

There is nothing quite like the experience of biting into a warm glazed doughnut, fresh off the conveyer belt – and nobody does it better than Krispy Kreme. The iconic brand, known for its rich heritage and fanatic following around the world, was looking to evolve the brand to attract new consumers and address the ever-changing marketplace. 

With a packaging system that spans a variety of retail outlets, and with 70% of its stores outside the U.S., the challenge required global collaboration, comprehensive consumer insights, and a visual identity that would work around the world.

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We redesigned this classic brand by evolving its iconic assets to bring warmth and relevance to today’s consumers. The result? A mouth-watering design system that addresses global complexity and continues to spread the joy that is Krispy Kreme.

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