Sophisticated Summer Sips

Packaging Design

Chandon has crafted premium sparkling wine since 1973. The brand has a carefree, pioneering spirit that nods to its origins: Napa Valley in the seventies. Each summer, we’re proud to partner with Chandon on their limited-edition collection.

This summer we explored the use of ribbons, reimagining stripes that flow in the summer breeze and effortlessly cascade across the bottle. An elegant representation of the vineyard’s abundant rows of grapevines and a nod to its gift-able nature. It’s the perfect motif to embody the summer season at Domaine Chandon and tie back to the free-spirit attitude of the early 1970’s.

With a proud stake in the ground and a strong story to tell, future summer seasons are set to flourish with carefree yet meaningful fun. Salut!

Owner: Chandon (Moët Hennessy)
Photographer: Becki Smith (Smith House Photo)
Art Director: Sophie Clerc, Brand Manager

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