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A few years ago, Sterling Brands got some inspiration from a meaningful book by former Microsoft executive, John Wood. In his book, Leaving Microsoft to Change the World, Wood inspired us that the fundamentals of life, the very basics of education needed bolstering in order to build a stronger foundation of learning in developing countries. Sterling took the cue and ran with it.

Approximately one year ago, after the successfully funding the construction of two, brandnew school libraries in Nepal and Cambodia, Sterling Brands made the decision to ally itself once more, with a program called RoomtoRead, and give the gift of reading to a school of nearly 600 students in rural South Africa.

We are happy to announce that this June, we received a completion report on our latest project with RoomtoRead, which provided for a refurbished library, a full-stock of both English and native-language books, and training for the library staff at the Kennen Primary School. The school is in the tiny rural village of Violatbank G, in the province of Mpumalanga in eastern South Africa, which borders on Swaiziland and Mozambique.

The village has a literacy rate of only 45%, so Sterling’s contribution will really make a difference toward changing that number and providing better opportunities for the next generation. Visit for all the details on this awesome organization.