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Oreo was close to $2BN in sales, and establishing itself as the world’s number one cookie, when it embarked on its 100th anniversary. The question the hugely successful brand team was asking themselves was: what should be Oreo’s vision for the next chapter of growth? What should we do to ensure the brand and portfolio remain special?

Sterling Brands was engaged to develop a new brand vision and architecture through a robust global study including data excavation, stakeholder/partner interviews, global qualitative research with culture creative, adults and children.

Departing from the long standing belief that Oreo stood for childhood innocence, Sterling uncovered that across the globe Oreo represents optimism, freedom, imagination and possibility for kids and adults alike. It’s less about childhood as a point in time and more about the spirit of childhood that’s as relevant whether you are eight or 80 years old. We recommended they shift their global vision to focus on the brand’s True Difference of being an icon for childhood spirit, tapping into the wonder of childhood.

The organization rallied around the idea “Full of Wonder,” which inspired the new portfolio architecture and campaign, “Wonderfilled,” executed brilliantly by the Martin Agency. We love how Oreo has managed to feel contemporary without betraying its ‘kid at heart’ soul.