Voortman Bakery

After over 65 years making some of Canada’s favorite cookies, Voortmans was ready to grow and increase distribution in the U.S. But first they needed to move beyond grandma’s cookie jar — it was time for this heritage brand to think and act like a challenger.


Founded by Dutch immigrant brothers, and family owned ever since, Voortman was a brand with a story to tell. We helped them make it relevant, repositioning the brand to leverage their real baking credibility while effectively competing with the big guys in the cookie aisle.

We embraced some of the brand’s timeless equities, like the Dutch Girl who so many consumers remembered fondly, and instilled a fresh and welcoming attitude that championed the deliciousness and quality of the cookies. From the core design palette, to packaging, to the brand’s first social media campaign, we helped the newly renamed Voortman Bakery make a real statement.