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Six Trends Corporations Are Paying Attention To

Thursday, August 6th, 2015

Ever wondered how brands are able to influence business and culture?

PBS Newshour recently spoke with Deedee Gordon, Sterling’s President of Innovation, to better understand how certain trends will shape and reshape the products and services already in our lives. Using insights from On The Future, our 2015 trends report, Deedee discusses how gender fluidity, frugeois and bulklash will shake things up.


Sterling Buzz…

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013
Check out the Buzz from Innovation this week, as DeeDee Gordon shares her insights on how to innovate for the future.
How do we innovate for the future? It is a driving question for many businesses, but many of them are looking into too short-term of a future.  DeeDee Gordon provided a case study with insights into how to innovate not just for tomorrow, but for the decades to come.

Check out the buzz for Sterling Innovation this week, as DeeDee Gordon shares her insights on how to innovate for the future.


How do we innovate for the future? It is a driving question for many businesses, but many of them are looking into too short-term of a future.  DeeDee Gordon provided a case study with insights into how to innovate not just for tomorrow, but for the decades to come.

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Social Media…Pretty Much Like Real Life (a series)

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Part III:  The Inverse

My previous musings noted that successful performances in the social media space hinge on playing by the rules of offline social dynamics.

But a few weeks back I read an article in the New York Times (For College Students, Social Media Tops the Bar Scene) that for me really crystallized just how dramatically social media is actually reshaping offline social life, especially in younger generations.  (It also offers stale and obvious commentary on college drinking habits – not steering you toward the article for that side of its content…)

I’d site two notable shifts.  The first – we’re so much better informed.  I’m not talking about the quick-paced, socially-linked news cycle (which is huge, but not a point I’m running with) – I’m talking about how we can choose to know what our friends and family members literally around the world are doing at any given moment – and make choices about what we want to do and where we want to go based on that information.  As noted in the NYT article, we don’t need to “waste our time” going to a bar at an off time or with an off-crowd.

Another shift:  social media cross-pollinates ideas so fast, which means we’re more exposed to and aware of EVERYTHING – news, fashion, food, travel, etc.  I think this has a beautiful and oft-ignored upside of making us more worldly, more sophisticated and generally more open to experimenting and trying new things.  We enthusiastically seek out, and easily stumble upon, new drinks, flavors, experiences, destinations  – that we can then excitedly share back with our social communities online.

There are also learnings for the marketer shrouded in these shifts.

Knowing that our consumer is using social media to shape where she goes and when – how can we influence that behavior to our advantage? I’m thinking of events and opportunities offered in short, finite windows of time that create excitement and energy and ultimately movement and action from consumers.  Flash sales, secret/hidden events, unique dining or drinking opportunities.  Stuff that’s cool enough to drive the participant to encourage her friends to come join in the fun.

Can we challenge ourselves to be more daring and creative when it comes to what we offer our consumer?  And can we become richer sources of ideas and inspiration for them so they’re compelled to continue experimenting, and sharing their triumphs out with their networks – and rewarding them for doing so?  And in the reverse, can we do a better job of tapping them for ideas?

I’m certainly not the first to note that what this all adds up to is a continually savvier and more demanding consumer – which could be kind of a pain in the…neck.  But if we can embrace this era and adapt to it, I think it opens the door to have a lot more fun with the consumer, and do a lot more sharing and collaborating. 

Sara Linderman, Strategist


Sterling’s New –Interactive- Cultural Pulse

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Now you can easily traverse the most important trends in brand design that continue to impact our strategies right now:



Home Improvement Brands Can Bust Through with Forward Facing Trends

Thursday, November 4th, 2010

Let’s start with the good news. As a result of the economic downturn, we’re now working with consumers who are ready to work – on their homes that is. While massive remodeling projects are pretty much out the window, consumers are more engaged in smaller, more affordable, do it yourself projects. It’s no longer about sprucing up the façade to aid in a home’s resale value. Homeowners have changed their focus toward important fixes that will protect their investment and save them money, long term. (more…)


Welcome: DeeDee Gordon as Sterling’s New President of Innovation!

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

D.GordonRecognized internationally as a leading consumer insight and trends expert for more than 15 years, DeeDee Gordon has joined Sterling Brands as President of Innovation. (more…)


Message In the Bottle

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

As all the forward-thinking players of the CPG market ramp up their efforts in reducing carbon footprint through packaging innovation, creating packaging that is fully recyclable, lighter and more locally distributed, the wine category in particular has seen some convention-busting changes in its presentation of late—and those may be here to stay… (more…)


The FIVE Essential Attributes for RTD Brands in 2010 and Beyond…

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

…Or… the tenants of RTD brand virtue, package and soul.

Take a brief spin past the beverage cases at the drug or convenience store and it’s apparent that there are too many options for a consumer who has already begun scaling back spending on sports drinks, enhanced water and functional teas. In 2009 there were close to 1,000 new RTD product launches or variants to existing RTD brands introduced to market with fruit juices leading the pack. The mindset and the category output are simply not in line, but beyond that, product and packaging promises do not adequately reflect what our consumer needs right now. (more…)


Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Click to Download

I am delighted to introduce Outlook 2010 – our point of view on what will be important to marketers over the coming 12 months:

• this is not your classic trend report but more a perspective, a “snapshot” in time

• it is based on what we have heard directly from consumers and from experts overlaid by our own thinking

• the perspective covers business, brands, culture and consumers

• some of the themes will be new to you, some of them will be more familiar

• the thrust of this report is driven by two major forces of change:
– a reaction to the recession
– technological advances

• love them or hate them, these two factors dominate our outlook for 2010.

Please enjoy and use the following link for download:

Simon Williams


Your Consumer Marketing Cheat Sheet

Thursday, September 24th, 2009