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Look Who’s Talking: A Brief Visual History of the Telephone

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Check out the latest installment from the behind-the-scenes blog featuring all the extra tidbits and goodies left over from Brand Bible, an awesome new guide on how to build, design and sustain brands- authored by Debbie and her SVA students.

This week, they take a deeper look at the history of the telephone and how design helps us stay in touch.


What teenage girl didn’t covet this phone in the late 80s?

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Editor on the Run: Revisiting Brand Bible with Rockport Publishers

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

A few months after the launch of Brand Bible, Rockport Publishers interviews Debbie about the process of putting this mammoth book project together and delves deeper into her thoughts on branding and package design…


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Sterling Buzz…

Tuesday, January 31st, 2012


We’re proud to announce the launch of another book spearheaded by our Design President, Debbie Millman, which was co-authored by Sterling experts and her inaugural SVA Masters in Branding students.


The stunningly crafted new book, Brand Bible, explores and examines all aspects of branding from its early beginnings in the Elizabethan era to its modern apotheosis in brands like Martha Stewart and Disney.  With thematic sections exploring key areas of branding- such as electronics, beauty, and transportation- as well as Q&As with leading brand strategists and designers, this book is the definitive guide to the cultural phenomenon called branding that has defined our times.


We invite you to explore some featured pages of Brand Bible and pick up a copy to learn more. It’s the essential tool kit for the next crop of branding experts– full of history and expertise on how to build and sustain a successful modern brand.



Salt of the Earth

Thursday, December 8th, 2011

Ever wonder about the Morton Umbrella Girl? Who is this mysterious young lady? Debbie and her students dive into one of the oldest brand characters in this bonus material from the upcoming book- Brand Bible

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The Power of the People

Monday, November 7th, 2011

Most people take well-designed products for granted and never question the poorly designed ones. Kathryn Spitzberg as part of the SVA Masters in Branding class found out one’s man quest to question all design. Kathryn had the opportunity to dig a bit deeper into the mind of Dan Formosa, co-founder of Smart Design. For the book Brand Bible, The Complete Guide to Building, Designing and Sustaining Brands, Dan talked in-depth about a brand he holds to the highest standards, OXO Good Grips. >>Read On



Michael Bierut: The Man, The Myth, The Brand

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

Another sneak peek into the upcoming collaborative book on building, designing and sustaining brands- Brand Bible. This week, Debbie discusses some extra tidbits her students uncovered about Michael Bierut and the Saks Fifth Avenue rebranding effort. (more…)


People Magazine and the Importance of Personalities

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

In their exploration of ’60s brand icons, two of Debbie Millman’s students- Abby McInerney and Curtis Wingate- had the wonderful chance to interview Richard Stolley, founder of People Magazine and dove deep into the history and brand influence of this media giant. Click below for a great teaser for their chapter in the upcoming book, Brand Bible, The Complete Guide to Building, Designing and Sustaining Brands. (more…)


Getting Nosey with Kleenex

Thursday, August 18th, 2011



Kleenex® is a household name, often a universal name for tissue. One student, Jessie McGuire found out the difference between a universal name and a billion dollar brand. Christine Mau, the Brand Design Director of Family Care brands at Kimberly-Clark the parent company of Kleenex brand facial tissue, has been at the forefront of innovative design and brand initiatives. Generous with her time, she took a few minutes from her busy schedule to talk branding, design, and nose blowing for the new book Brand Bible: The Complete Guide to Building, Designing and Sustaining Brands. >>Read More