Get amp’d

This year, Audyssey launched a new media app that maximizes the listening experience on mobile devices: amp (Audyssey Media Player). Sterling Innovation partnered with Audyssey to manage the strategy, design, and frontend development of the app. Bart Haney, SVP of Innovation at Sterling, led the project.

Audyssey is known for its innovative audio technologies. With roots in R&D, Audyssey solves audio problems across a range of platforms (from IMAX theaters to home sound systems to car stereos) so the listener hears an accurate reproduction of the music or movie to which he/she is listening.

amp takes this offering one step further and delivers Audyssey’s technology in a mobile setting. The app provides headphone-specific optimization and innovative sound controls for the user’s iTunes music library.

How does it work? Audyssey tests and tunes headphones using its proprietary technology and then creates a profile that, when downloaded from the cloud and chosen in amp, provides optimal playback. All you have to do is download the app, choose your headphones, and start listening!

We had an awesome time working on this mobile app and adding yet another cred to the Innovation Group’s digital portfolio.

Visit the App Store to download amp today or the microsite to learn more about how it works!

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