Get Clunk.

By now you’ve heard about the Cash for Clunkers program instituted by the Obama Administration, and probably heard about the success of the program, need for more funding and how, as a result of the program, Ford is finally selling some cars.

The program was initiated to bring about stimulus in the US motor sales category and to kick-start a mass switchover to more fuel-economical, and environmentally sound way of transport.

Assuming Americans are moving toward a cleaner, greener and leaner way of life, it’s fun to suggest some other things that should get clunked to aid the cause.


Bad Airline Service.
Look up Delta Airlines sucks” in Google and you know this brand should be clunked. In the words of my friend Mary, “Delta struck again this week on my way to Kansas City. Cancelled flights… Flown to Reagan instead of Dulles… Long layover turning into longer layover cuz of delays… Then another delay… Then another… Then at least three more… Never Again Delta!” While JetBlue Twitters with its customers to keep them updated and gather suggestions to improve service, Delta’s got seagulls all up in its communication engines, and think of all the fuel burning while you’re trapped on the tarmac.

Frivolous Technology.
Just read this before you decide to get on the bandwagon.
Higher-end brands of Flat Screen are struggling in this economy and rightly so. Who’s going to pay 3Gs for at TV? Who’s got time for TV when you’re working a second job? And when are we finally going to have a good piece of tech that delivers Internet-and-TV-in-one so I can just Hulu everthing?

Exorbitant Handbags.
The luxury category is in a tricky place right now. The other day my friend Kathrin came over with a tote-bag in the shape of a guitar, which she made herself. Can you see how this is a thousand times cooler than designer? Who needs a Louis Vuitton to carry an empty wallet?


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2 Responses to “Get Clunk.”

  1. Angela C. says:

    I would clunk Amtrak’s expensive train fares.
    With the cost of gas finally reduced, it’s hard to be persuaded to take an $80 train from NY to Boston for business, events or to see friends.

    I prefer public transportation as my way of keeping things clean, but Roundtrip- that’s just way too much green.

  2. David Gunn says:

    @Angela – Amtrak has loads of promotions that bring the cost way down – do a little Frommers homework, plan ahead, and stop your whining.